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New In Store – Skimming Stones Screen Printed Cards

Skimming Stones is founded by Tony.

A passion for contemporary art and a practising designer from the UK. It was natural for him to put his skills to creating fine designs and prints for people to share.

All of his artworks are individually hand screen printed (by him) in Australia onto 100% environmental friendly paper.

His latest range of designs which consist of inspirational quotes and snippets of song lyrics are now available in store!

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

Skimming Stones @ Dulcetfig

The 250gsm off white card measures 150mm x 105mm and is accompanied with a 100% recycled brown kraft envelope. Card is blank inside.

Check out the full range of Skimming Stones designs (they include cat & dog silhouettes too!) we have stocked in the shop!

~ Christmas at Dulcetfig ~

Time was with most of us, when Christmas Day, encircling all our limited world like a magic ring, left nothing out for us to miss or seek; bound together all our home enjoyments, affections, and hopes; grouped everything and everyone round the Christmas fire, and make the little picture shining in our bright young eyes, complete.

~ Charles Dickens

Store wide sale going on now at Dulcetfig!

Settle your Xmas shopping for your loved ones and yourself =)

Loads more in store. New arrivals too!

Catcha soon! xoxo

Xmas feature4

Xmas feature5

Xmas feature3

Xmas feature1

Xmas feature2


Shop Update: Merii Makers Paper Goods

~ Merii Makers ~

We’ve got new paper goods just in at the shop!

Each of Merii Makers’ creation is a little different like our fingerprints…
This is what makes hand-printing unique and fun!

Designed, illustrated, hand printed and put together by Merii Makers!


:: Merii Makers Notebooks ::

▽ hand-printed illustrations on 2mm thick recycled board
▽ 192 blank pages
▽ 90gsm recycled paper
▽ white wire-O bound
▽ handy 15cm by 15cm size

Notebook Buntings2

Notebook Chevron1

Notebook Rain2

Notebook Red Dots3

Notebook Trees2

:: Merii Makers Cards ::

▽ hand-printed illustrations on 2mm thick recycled board
▽ packed in handsewn paper sleeve
▽ blank side for message and doodles
▽ perfect 4″ by 6″ size for postcard mailing

Notecards Buntings

Notecards Chevron

Notecards Cards

Notecards Red Dots

Notecards Trees

We’d love for you to swing by the shop to check out the full range! =)

Snapshots Around The Shop

We’ve compiled a bunch of photos in this series of “Snapshots Around The Shop”!










There are more “Snapshots Around The Shop” photos from previous posting here and here!

Animal Lovers Will Love These Sticky Note Pads

Everyone loves cute stationery. Well, even if you don’t use it, it’s just great to look at! Gewwybeans has created the cutest sticky note pads! Great for little reminders, or just an excuse to stick at your desk!

post it1

Meet Yoshi & Taro, Ashton’s best pals. Taro is a super smart & greedy beagle doggie. He once stole a loaf of bread and looked like a rugby ball after eating it and couldn’t move for a day! Yoshi is a dopey little golden retriever and loves to sit on people’s laps (not knowing how huge he is!). He loves to be close to people and also adores swimming!

post it2

A doggie is a girl’s best friend. You can always count on your dog when you are down, best friends will never judge you. This is an original sketch of a girl and her furry friend, just spending some BFF time together. 🙂

post it4

Meet Robbie the little dog! He was given faux clip on bunny ears for Easter and he likes it so much he now refuses to take them off! He insists that he’s a bunny and now has a newly proclaimed love for carrots. Let’s see how long he will last! :] What a silly doggie!

Original illustrations by Gewwybeans printed on 74mm x 74mm sticky notes (50 pieces a set). It’s handy enough to bring along everywhere you go!

post it5