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Happy Caturday!

Hello Dulcetfig lovers / kitteh cat lovers!

We at Dulcetfig love to honour every Saturday as Caturday!
Since today is Saturday, what better way than to unwind with some cat pictures!
I don’t think anyone can resist photos of cute cuddly cats, right?

The Dulcetkittehs have been busy at the shop in 2013.
They now have their own Facebook page!
You may (or may not, but I wouldn’t see why not) want to LIKE the page as it is updated regularly so you won’t miss out on their playful antics!

The Three Musketeers!


Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit

Jack approves of the new vintage handbags in the shop!
Jack approves of the new vintage handbags in the shop

Jack is guarding a vintage green wicker handbag with shiny gold handles. Circa 1960. :)
Jack is guarding a vintage green wicker handbag with shiny gold handles. Circa 1960. 🙂

Jack The Bunny
Jack The Bunny

Estee guarding the new cat brooches in the shop!
Estee guarding her cat medals!

10Mins Of Happiness Each Day
How to achieve 10 minutes of happiness each day.

Greedy cat hoarding all the new cat collars! (Can you guess who?)
Greedy cat hoarding all the new cat collars! (Can you guess who?)

Dozing Off On The Job
Ampang is dozing off on the job.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet dreams! (As you can tell, Ampang sleeps the most. She can either be found sleeping, or dozing off while standing.)

Sleeping Kitteh3
Ampang was sleeping at the counter so soundly.
We didn’t want to wake her, but thought her *ahem* wide *ahem* surface area was a nice place to lie ones head on.
We are always changing the visual display at the shop, and thought she made a pretty good display stand.
These are just some of the things you can put on a sleeping kitteh.
PS. Kitteh display slept soundly throughout the whole time while we were figuring out which display worked best on her. xx
Click here to find out what other things you can put on a sleeping kitteh!


~ Christmas at Dulcetfig ~

Time was with most of us, when Christmas Day, encircling all our limited world like a magic ring, left nothing out for us to miss or seek; bound together all our home enjoyments, affections, and hopes; grouped everything and everyone round the Christmas fire, and make the little picture shining in our bright young eyes, complete.

~ Charles Dickens

Store wide sale going on now at Dulcetfig!

Settle your Xmas shopping for your loved ones and yourself =)

Loads more in store. New arrivals too!

Catcha soon! xoxo

Xmas feature4

Xmas feature5

Xmas feature3

Xmas feature1

Xmas feature2


New Accessories: Of Cats & Owls

The resident feline trio in the shop all wear their signature bow tie cat collars.

Dulcetkitteh GOOOD Collars

One of our fave local labels that we stock at the shop, L’ile aux Ashby, decided to do something fun, and made some Dulcetkittehs inspired accessories!

:: The Dulcetkittehs Necklace ::

Inspired by our kittehs, these trio are spotted with bow tie collars too!

:: The Dulcetkittehs Necklace :: it's just like our trio! they too are wearing bow tie collars! :p

These wooden cat brooches feature the many sexy poses that cats exude! One of the cats has their very own bow tie collar too!

Cat poses (=^'o'^=)

You can choose from wooden cat brooches, or black acrylic cat brooches!

Black cats!

Another animal that we adore in the shop is the owl! I’m sure many of you have seen owl figurines dotted around the shop =)

L’ile aux Ashby was inspired to create some original owl necklaces just for Dulcetfig!

Necklace Owl 2

Necklace Owl 1

Necklace Owl 3

Necklace Owl 4

Swing by the shop to check out these adorable accessories! =)

Shop Update: Uniqtags – Name Tags For Your Furry Friends

:: Pet Tags by Uniqtags. Available at Dulcetfig ::

Our resident felines at Dulcetfig all don pretty bow collars & colourful name tags!

Don’t they looking smashing?! =P


Ampang, Estee & Jack welcoming you at the shop!



Ampang Furryphotos


Many pet owners have been eager to purchase the same for their furry friends!

Now, we’re proud to have these really snazzy name tags for your four legged friends!

You can choose to have almost anything engraved on the tag! (as long as it fits in the space of coz!)

Pick from a myriad of colours, sizes, textures & fonts.

After you have placed your order, you can choose to collect it at our shop, or have it delivered to your home, free of charge!

Customise & personalise ~

:: Acrylic tags ::

So many colours to choose from. Take your pick!


Candy Colours


Fudge Colours

:: Metal tags ::


Duratag Colours

:: Wooden tags ::

Choose from Maple or Eucalyptus wood!

Wedge Colours


Hop on over here and have a look at the cat bow collars that we sell too! For every collar sold, Dulcetfig & GOOOD donates 5 cans of cat can food to Pets Villa. Read more about it here!

Snapshots Around The Shop

We’ve compiled a bunch of photos in this series of “Snapshots Around The Shop”!










There are more “Snapshots Around The Shop” photos from previous posting here and here!

Things That Make You Go…

….. MEOW!


Waiting to serve you at Dulcetfig!

Shop Update: New Cat Collar Designs

We got in new collars recently from GOOOD Cat Collars! (More selection for the boys this time ^^) More lovely designs instore!


baby pink polka_02





Dulcetfig & GOOOD donate 5 cans of cat food for every collar sold. We make a monthly donation of can food, and this was our donation for August 2011. A BIG THANKS to everyone who bought the collars! Your purchase goes a long way in helping the cats at Pets Villa, Animal Lovers League!

Donation Aug 2011