• Vintage treasures from yesteryear.

    Designer labels from today.

    Mix and match...

    And you get Dulcetfig!

    It's where vintage meets the modern girl.




    41 HAJI LANE
    SINGAPORE 189234
    Tel: +65-63965648
    Fax: +65-63963448


    Website: www.dulcetfig.com

    Facebook: Dulcetfig

    Twitter: Dulcetfig

Shop Update: White Square’s Wooden Etched Accessories

We have a new label in the shop Dulcetfig by White Square!

White Square is a design and illustration studio based in Perth Western Australia.

The studio bases its design aesthetic on a mix of old world textures and new world technology. Combining interests in texture, found objects and hand made products with modern techniques such as laser cutting, print media and photography.

These wooden accessories are original designs by White Square and all made with love =)

~ Intricately carved brooches ~

:: Wooden etched rings ::

Brooch Paper Boat1

Brooch Teepee1

Brooch Typewriter

Brooch Geo1

Brooch Polaroid

Brooch Rocket

Brooch Paper Plane2

Brooch Telephone2

Brooch Owl2

Necklace Tree

Necklace Camera

Necklace Geo

More designs available in store! =)

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