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Shop Update: Noël Caleb – Ballerina Diaries

Noël Caleb – The Ballerina Diaries, a collection inspired by the Parisian ballerina who exudes poise, grace and femininity. That Parisian ballerina who observes strictness and structure in her line of work and yet manages to have those minutes of flirty fun. Coming back to the collection, the strong structured pleats, collars and shoulders are reminiscent of a ballerina’s daily work out. While the drapey and floaty pieces remind us of the strong and free movements of a ballerina in a recital.

Noel caleb 1
Top: Aurelie
Outer: Ekaterina
Bottom: Lycette

Noel caleb 2
Top: Nadia
Bottom: Alexandrova

Noel caleb 3
Top: Tatiana
Outer: Eleonora
Bottom: Anastasia

The element of surprise and the medley of minimalism and sophistication defines the collection at best. The collection isn’t only for the younger crowd, it appeals to women of all age groups. Mix and match the pieces and a whole range of outfits are born. Bright candy colours create a fun and exciting environment of sorts to dress up every morning, be it preparing for school or work.

Noel caleb 4
Top: Tatiana
Outer: Paloma (sleeveless)
Bottom: Svetlana

Noel caleb 7
Top: Aurelie
Bottom: Alexandrova

Noel caleb 8
Top: Rowena
Outer: Paloma (sleeveless)
Bottom: Anastasia

Noel caleb 5
Top: Irina
Bottom: Nathalie

Noel caleb 6
Top: Marcia
Outer: Yvette

Noel caleb 9
Dress: Heather
Outer: Eleonora

Noël Caleb is the meaning of Christmas and Devotion combined. With the spirit of thanksgiving in all that we do, Noël Caleb is an independent label sewn with every fashion designer’s heart and love. Redress the fabric of your femininity with our international assembly of Monday to Sunday bests. On stage or off stage, you can brace yourself for grace.

Drop by Dulcetfig and try on Noël Caleb’s Ballerina Diaries pieces and we wish that as you wear a piece of Noël Caleb, may you remember and find a spark of Christmas in you everyday.


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