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Animal Lovers Will Love These Sticky Note Pads

Everyone loves cute stationery. Well, even if you don’t use it, it’s just great to look at! Gewwybeans has created the cutest sticky note pads! Great for little reminders, or just an excuse to stick at your desk!

post it1

Meet Yoshi & Taro, Ashton’s best pals. Taro is a super smart & greedy beagle doggie. He once stole a loaf of bread and looked like a rugby ball after eating it and couldn’t move for a day! Yoshi is a dopey little golden retriever and loves to sit on people’s laps (not knowing how huge he is!). He loves to be close to people and also adores swimming!

post it2

A doggie is a girl’s best friend. You can always count on your dog when you are down, best friends will never judge you. This is an original sketch of a girl and her furry friend, just spending some BFF time together. 🙂

post it4

Meet Robbie the little dog! He was given faux clip on bunny ears for Easter and he likes it so much he now refuses to take them off! He insists that he’s a bunny and now has a newly proclaimed love for carrots. Let’s see how long he will last! :] What a silly doggie!

Original illustrations by Gewwybeans printed on 74mm x 74mm sticky notes (50 pieces a set). It’s handy enough to bring along everywhere you go!

post it5

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