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Shop Update: SHUPG’s Triangles

We’re loving Shupg’s new Triangle series!

As Shupg says, “Tension with a balancing point. In this world filled with extremes and imbalances, an imperfect world that has sinned, finding that crucial middle point will keep you balanced. Let’s face it, you may never rid yourself of the tensions, but at least you can look up and see where the middle points toward – Up!”

All accessories have been hand-cut, hand-drilled and lovingly hand-sewn!

Shupg earrings red6

Shupg Earrings Dangle6

shupg necklace small4

shupg necklace aztec 1_4

shupg necklace aztec 2_2

shupg necklace purple cell2

Shupg necklaces triangles combined1

More designs in store now! =)

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