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Shop Update: Knock On Wood! All New Collection by Lucie Ellen

New accessories from Lucie Ellen’s latest collection is in! We are loving this collection that is so full of bold and bright colours!

Lucie Ellen Brooch Pencil Crayon
Pencil Crayon Brooches available in these 6 colours

Lucie Ellen Brooch Triangle Pink&Blue Stripes
Triangle Brooch

Lucie Ellen Earrings Bunting3
Lucie Ellen Earrings Bunting2
Bunting Earring Studs in a whole assortment of colours!

Lucie Ellen Necklace Bow Tie
Bow Tie Necklace available in these 7 colours

Lucie Ellen Necklace Sailor Knot
Sailor Knot Necklace

Lucie Ellen Necklace Diamond
Diamond Necklace

Lucie Ellen Necklace Bunting Pastels
Bunting Necklace – Pastels

Lucie Ellen Necklace Bunting Carnival
Bunting Necklace – Carnival

Each piece is handcut from reclaimed wood then sanded down and is given three coats of varnish to give protection and a nice shine.

The necklace chain and brooch pins are made from stainless steel and won’t rust or tarnish.

More designs are available in the shop! Come on down and check it out =)

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