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Shop Update: Fair-Trade Frocks by Mata Traders

Mata Traders - dress_boulevard_blue

Mata Traders is a fair-trade label founded by best friends Michelle King & Maureen Dunn from Chicago, USA.

Their mission is to work with organizations that educate, employ, and empower women around the world with their fabulous frocks. Spending time with these groups has helped them realized that even the most traditional women, when given the opportunity, thrive in a sphere of meaningful work that is outside their homes and families. They have also learned that equality in the workplace IS possible in a country as socially stratified as India. Whether a beginner sewer or the marketing director, all the women that make Mata Traders’ clothing have a voice. Mata Traders is so proud to be a part of that voice by bringing you their quality handiwork in a high fashion, fairly traded product line.

Mata Traders - dress_goldcoast_purple

Mata Traders products are original designs handmade in India and Nepal by women’s cooperatives and artisan groups that practice fair trade principles. This means that their producers are paid a livable wage in safe and fair conditions, and do their work at home and in small workshops rather than factories. Services like on-site day-care, medical check-ups, and over-time pay are offered.

Fair trade certified cottons are used, which means they support small family farms that are paid a fair price for their cotton and follow environmental standards that restrict the use of agrochemicals and encourage sustainability.

Mata Traders - dress_windycityromper_red

Mata Traders’ fabrics contain a history and preserve an art. Most are hand block printed with eco-friendly vegetable dyes, supporting an artisan based textile tradition existing in India for centuries.

Each piece is designed to flatter your frame, so that you’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting a good cause. And Dulcetfig is proud to be able to stock Mata Traders’ lovely designs AND support such a good cause.

We have sizes S, M & L available. Do drop by the shop as we’ve got more designs in store! You can also pop on over to our Facebook page to view the rest of the collection.

Mata Traders - dress_oakpark_teal

Mata Traders - dress_uptown_bw

Mata Traders - dress_oakpark_yellow

Mata Traders - dress_belmont_green

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