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GOOOD Cat Collars Exclusive Designs At Dulcetfig. Helping Animals!

A lot of you may know that there’s 3 furry felines in the shop!

Ok, if you don’t, here’s what you may see when you enter the shop! (that’s if they are not snoozing behind the curtains!)


They have always been wearing their signature red, pink and blue color collars, and I thought why not dress them up! But I wanted it to be simple yet fun! So one day, I attached little bow ties on to their collars. I guess this kind of stayed, and they have been cat-walking in the bow tie collars since.

Trios Cat Collar

Many customers who have seen the cats and played with them were always amused at their collars. Some comments include: oh my gosh SO CUTE!; where did I buy the collars from; can they buy it from Dulcetfig; etc. I’ve always contemplated the idea of selling the custom made cat collars but this being a human fashion retail store, made me put the idea aside till I could think of a better ‘excuse’ to sell cat collars!

GOOOD Cat Collars

A couple of weeks back, Chin (founder of GOOOD Pet Collars), contacted me and asked if I would like to carry her range of cat collars since I had cats in the shop. What caught my attention was that with every cat collar sold, 5 cans of cat food will be donated to their adopted animal shelter. Of course I said yes! (fashion for felines!) Anything to help the abandoned, homeless animals! (After all, my 3 cats were adopted off the streets.)

A little background on GOOOD Pet Collars:

GOOOD Pet Collars was founded in 2010 by Chin, based in Singapore. She started GOOOD on a very simple basis; out of love for animals.

Animals lack voice in this world and many suffer in silence. She aims to work hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals or groups to help animals meet their basic needs and live happily.

GOOOD is about helping you make everyday choices that will work towards providing daily support to the once abandoned, abused and unwanted animals.

GOOOD Cat Collars Sold Exclusively At Dulcetfig

Dulcetfig & GOOOD have come up with an exclusive design only available at Dulcetfig – cat collars with the resident cats’ signature bow ties!

With every collar you purchase, Dulcetfig & GOOOD will give 5 ‘helping hands’ to their adopted animal shelter, Pets Villa

** 5 helping hands = 5 cans of cat food **

Each collar retails at S$20.00. It is made of cotton and is washable. Has a safety breakaway clasp and a bell attached. The length is adjustable (20-32cm). You can adjust the bow tie to the desired position! (on top, below, at the side… which ever angle makes your cat even cuter than it already is!)

Check out the other designs available on our Facebook page!

GOOOD Cat Collars Sold Exclusively At Dulcetfig

A message from GOOOD Pet Collars – “With GOOOD pet collars, I aim to gather like-minded individuals, like you, to help make everyday choices that will support the basic needs of these animals. So help the animals by either buying a collar or telling your animal-loving friends about GOOOD and Animal Lovers League.”

“Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.”


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