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Dulcetfig’s Top 5 Tips on Vintage Shopping!

We thought it would be a good idea to compile some good tips to look out for when shopping for vintage items! Armed with these tips, you’ll be sure that you are getting the real deal. Details to look out for, to ensure there are no ‘hidden’ faults in the gem that you’re eyeing on!

Dulcetfig’s Top 5 Tips on Vintage Shopping!

1. Check for authenticity

Make sure you’ve done your research and know the basics of how to spot fakes.

Look out for things like:
~ the zipper (it should usually be made of metal)
~ the lining
~ check if the tags are original
~ ensure that the style, cut, stitching & fabric of the item fits the era that it was from

2. Ignore the size stated on tags

Sizes are not consistent throughout every decade. Since the sizes on labels of vintage clothes have no correlation to the sizes of today’s clothing, it is important to try them on or measure them before purchasing.

3. Alteration

Apparel alteration is very common as it is not easy to find vintage clothes that fit you perfectly. You may find something you like but is too big for you. Don’t fret, because larger sizes can usually be taken in and tailored easily depending on the fragility of the garment and its construction. The length of the outfit can be shorten to compliment a modern day look, yet the vintage charm of the outfit is not lost.

4. Be an impulse buyer

If you see a piece you absolutely love, grab it! Vintage items are mostly one of a kind, and if you do not get it there and then, it may not be available later. Regret no more! =)

5. Always check the condition of an item before you buy it

Note the condition of any item before buying it, because you may not be able to salvage some damaged pieces no matter how hard you try.

Check for:
~ missing beads or rhinestones
~ mildew, mould or moth damage
~ tears, fading, stains or strange odours.

Also be aware of the state of glues, rubbers, and leather as these can become brittle and dry over time, even if they have never been used.




Opting for vintage means actively helping to decrease post-consumer textile waste. Vintage pieces are such gems and you won’t want these treasures to be lost in time!

We love the fact that by wearing vintage, we are doing something for the planet as well as wearing and buying very cool one offs which no-one else is going to be wearing. You can be as outrageous or as conservative as you want yet you’ll always be wearing something unique.

Now, fully equipped with these pointers, be brave and embrace vintage!


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