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Dulcetkits Update: Hello 2011!

I did a little write up on the Dulcetkittehs (the shop’s resident cats!) last year. I wrote about how I found them, and how they have grown throughout the 4 years I’ve had them.

I thought it would be nice to have a little photo update on them at the start of this year, 2011! Some snap shots of the kitties to usher in the new year! And also, just in case you miss their squishable faces and want to follow up on how they have grown (sideways?)! =p

The three musketeers!

Estee & Jack & Melissa box
Estee and Jack posing next to a Melissa shoe box. I reckon they love the bubblegummy scent from the shoes too!

Now for the up close and personal shots!


Estee on her throne. She loves this chair that is placed near the back of the shop, and kind of meows really loudly at anyone who sits on that chair. She’s protective of her chair, i guess!

Estee grooming
Estee grooming herself at the counter. How not very lady-like. Tsk!

Estee & her box
All the cats LOVE boxes! This is Estee trying to squeeze herself into a really narrow box. She got stuck but managed to free herself after a bit of struggling.


Ampang posing for the camera. It’s really hard to snap a shot of her as she’s really jumpy and often hides.

Ampang poo
Alot of people have commented that Ampang looks like puss-in-boots in this shot. Does she?

Ampang butt
Ampang’s two-layer butt!


Jack, the ever-ready shop assistant!

Jack on my lap
Jack sitting on my lap, kneading and purring and creating holes in my dress.

Jack on my notes
Jack LOVES to sit on my notes all the time. Serves him right for getting liquid paper stuck on his butt fur!

The cats bring so much joy to the shop, and a lot of people come back just to visit them (and of course to check in what’s new at the shop too! =p) (psst: To those who fear cats, these are the best cats to play with to get over your fear of felines! they are really friendly and affectionate.)

The three cats THANK YOU for the many pats and hugs they get daily from our lovely customers! And to the paparazzi customers that have taken mug shots of them!

Here’s to 2011 – serving up more new labels and scouring more vintage treasures just for you!

Jack & I
Serving you better! =p

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