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Shop Update: Vintage Handbags. Lots of styles!

New bags that hit the shelves this week!

Plenty of vintage styles to choose from! 60s snap clasp opening, little totes you can sling on your arm and prance around with, dinner clutches, shoulder slings for your Sunday tea with the girls…. and many more in store!

Here’s just some to whet your (shopping) appetite!

Burgundy Suede Leather Handbag 60s (the details in front are just gorgeous!)
Handbag Burgundy Suede Leather1

Grey Handbag 60s
Handbag Grey 60s1

Pink Bow Leather Clutch 80s
Clutch Pink Bow Leather 1

Black Foldable Clutch with Lucite Handles 70s
Handbag Black Folddown2

Patchwork JGB Handbag
Handbag Patchwork JGB1

Reversible Black Beaded Handbag 60s
Handbag Reversible Beaded1

Marble Nicholas Reich Handbag 60s
Handbag Marble Nicholas Reich1

Colourful Tapestry Handbag 70s
Handbag Tapestry1

Navy Blue Handbag with Lucite Frame 60s
Handbag Navy Blue JR1

Vintage Liz Claiborne Leather Handbag 80s
Handbag Liz Claiborne1


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