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Shop Update: Collages – It’s How You Mix & Match!

Here’s some ideas for you! All of which can be found in store!

1) Fancy a beach holiday? You gotta have these in tow. The pink slippers are a must! And that lovely brown handbag too!

Dress: Dulcetfig Label Brown Spaghetti Floral Dress (Available in size 6, 8, 10)
Handbag: Vintage Leather Woven Handbag with Long Shoulder Handles
Slippers: Melissa Love Fu in Pink
Brooch: Lost At Sea Walnut Wooden Umbrella Brooch

Beach Collage

2) If you are going out for dinner this weekend, this clutch will be a head-turner, for sure! Secure the apple brooch on the collar of the dress for that extra ‘bling’!

Dress: Dulcetfig Label White Diamond Print (Available in size 6, 8, 10)
Clutch: Cherie Wong Design
Earrings: Vintage Collection
Brooch: Sarah Coventry Vintage Brooch. 1960. Name: “Delicious”. Stamped “Sarah Cov”.

Dinner Collage

3) Wear this to lunch with your girlies! Light lemony chiffon dress with a clutch. Always a great match!

Dress: Dulcetfig Label Lemon Chiffon (Available in size 6, 8, 10)
Necklace: Lost At Sea Walnut Bird Perched On Branch Necklace
Earrings: Sarah Coventry Vintage Earrings. Stamped “Sarah Cov”.
Clutch: Cherie Wong Design

Yellow Dress Collage

4) This is an ORANGEY orange collage. Picked out orange items in the shop to showcase!

Clutch: Cherie Wong Design
Necklace: Vintage Sarah Coventry Necklace. Pendant can be detached from chain and used as a brooch. Stamped “Sarah Cov”.
Orange Cats: Jack and Estee perched on the counter top! (Not for sale!)
Blouse: Orange vintage button down chiffon blouse

Orangey Collage

I had fun piecing together these collages. So many ways to mix and match. It all depends on whether or not you want to dress up or down! Till my next batch of collages… xoxo~!


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