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Shop Update: The Arrival of MORE Vintage Handbags

Picture post on some of the vintage handbags we just got in this week! And because we’ve been going crazy sourcing for vintage handbags and hand picking them from all over the world, we are awaiting our postman with the arrival of HEAPS of them within the next few weeks!

Lots of these one-off treasure finds ‘coz we’re THAT bag crazy!

We’ll start off with this GORGEOUS cigar case handbag. Original vintage Dominican Republic Onyx wooden cigar box, and its lovely big beaded handle! It is in very good vintage condition and an absolutely charm and head turner this one!

CigarBox Handbag

CigarBox Handbag side

Next up is this 3 shades of clear sky blue Lennox vintage handbag. This is so 60s and SOOO Mad Men! That gold clasp is shaped like a wave. Ahhh… we adore thee~

Lennox Handbag 1

Lennox Handbag 2

This pumpkin woven sling just spells S-U-M-M-E-R! Imagine wearing a white spaghetti summer dress with strappy sandals, a floppy sun hat, and sling this pumpkin bag across you! Then…. hit the beach!

Handbag Pumpkin Woven1

Handbag Pumpkin Woven2

Bucket bags are great! What’s better is this cute small one! Haven’t really seen a bucket bag this size before. Small yet handy enough to put your keys, cards, mobile phone, and still have space for your lipstick!

Handbag Baby Bucket 1

Handbag Baby Bucket 2

Handbag Baby Bucket 3

THIS my lovelies, is a stunner! Wooden octagon handbag. OCTAGON!!! The wood panels fix perfectly together to form this unusual shape for a bag! Take a look at that handle! And all the floral work on this is hand painted. The details are amazing!

Octagon Wood Handbag 1

Octagon Wood Handbag 2

Octagon Wood Handbag 3

Leather has never been woven together so harmoniously and chic-ly! So sturdy, yet so girly. Bohemian. Vintage. Put it in your bicycle basket while riding in the wind. The things we dream about!

Handbag Auburn Leather Woven2

Handbag Auburn Leather Woven3

Handbag Auburn Leather Woven1

And that, my dears, is just a little sneak peak into what we have in store for you. Who can resist such lovely vintage one-off pieces?! Actually, who can resist a handbag?! We hope we’ve enticed you to make a trip down to the shop and check out the other beauties we have sitting prettily on our shelves. See you soon! xoxo


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