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Shop Update: Wooden Pins by Lost At Sea (UK)

We have a new accessory label in store!


Pin Anchor 1

Lost at Sea is a young design duo from the UK. They create jewellery using solid Walnut and dyed wood veneers.

They are inspired by so much, from vintage tattoos to the British countryside and love experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Pin Umbrella 2

Gold Plated Clutch Pin Back

Pin Mini Cloud Heart Anchor

All Lost At Sea items are finished with sanding sealer and gloss varnish which are carefully sand between layers to create a beautifully smooth and durable finish.

They use solid silver chains and gold plated pin backs on all the jewellery and check each piece before it is sent out to ensure the piece you receive is of the highest quality.

Here are some of the cute wooden animal silhouette range:

Pin Cat
We must, of course, have CATS!

Pin T-Rex
T-Rex! Raawwwrrrr!

Pin Stag
Handsome Stag

Pin Squirrel
Scurrying Squirrel

Necklace Walnut Bird on Branch
Walnut Bird on Branch Necklace (the only necklace we sneaked in for this range because it is too pretty to miss out on!)

Other pretty silhouette pins:

Pin Teapot
I am a teapot short and stout

Pin Telephone
Ring ring!

Pin Cloud
I’m on cloud 9

All the wooden pins come with an oak veneer backing card (it’s worth keeping!), and also perfect for gifts!

And THAT, my dears, is only the pins range. Wait till you see the RINGS! (They are most probably on the plane via air mail from UK as we speak!) I’ll do another update on those cute rings when they arrive in the shop. But for now, I’m totally happy and contented with these lil’ pins!

Do check out our Facebook page for the other designs we have in stock at the shop!

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