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Dulcetkit Update: Ampang’s Visit To The Vet

I brought Ampang to the vet last week as she had a really bad infection in her right eye. At first I thought it was because she fought/played with the other two and that resulted in the scratches on her face near her ears and eyes. But there seemed to be more scratches the next day and it wasn’t looking any better.

Ampang has always been the scaredy cat. Shes really jumpy and is the first to run and hide when shes frightened. Bringing her out of her comfort zone is an absolute nightmare (for her and me).

Firstly, to lure her into the pet carrier took about 20 minutes. She hid under the shelves and crouched far away from reach. And she pees whenever shes VERY afraid. So while trying to fit her into the cage, she peed and messed up the cage and herself.

Then, there’s the whining. The continous whining that can last from the minute she enters the cage, till she is released from the cage when shes back at the shop. This time, it lasted for 2.5 hours (to and fro journey to the vet, plus vet time).

This is how the lil angel sounds like when shes out of her comfort zone! How strong her little lungs must be, and I really admire her stamina to be able to last 2.5hrs!

The car ride to the vet. She was in the back seat yelping away!
Ampang Eye 5

Ampang Eye 4

This was when I just took her out of the cage and placed her on the vet’s table.
Ampang Eye 1

Ampang Eye 2

And the whining continues…..
Ampang Eye 3

Ampang was stuck in this position while waiting for the vet. She probably feels more secure in the corner, trying to stick her head under the side of the table. Things you do when your scared outta your wits!
Ampang Eye 7

After doing some tests, the vet declared that Ampang is generally extra sensitive to the dirt in her ears. Cats clean their face in a downward motion, so all the dirt from her ear got rubbed into her eye. And because she is always rubbing/cleaning her face, the infection got from bad to worse. The vet prescribed antibiotics pills, infection pills, ear cream and eye drops.

On the way back from the vet, she was actually exhausted from all the wailing, and the intervals between each whine was much longer than before. (I had to line the car seat with bubble wrap in case she pees again.)

Ampang Eye 6

This was taken two days after putting her on medication. Her eye was way better, and it wasn’t as raw.

At the beginning, it was a struggle to pop the pills in to her mouth. But after a few dosages, it got easier. I popped it in, and she swallowed it without much fuss. She probably got used to it!
Ampang Eye - 2 days after

Six days later and the area around the eye is back to normal!
Ampang Eye - a week after

I call this her sad poo-poo face!

She’s so cuddly! Check out her wobbly looking tummy
Ampang & Lovie

She did look a bit scary when her eye was all raw looking and gooey with infection. It’s been a week and her eye has totally healed. Thanks to all for the concern about her eye! And all the lovely customers and friends that gave Ampang extra pats and hugs because she looked so ‘poor thing’! xoxo


3 Responses

  1. poor little baby!! glad shes recovered! such a sweet little thing! big tummy tho!! but tht just means she’s a happy kitty!
    Kudos to ppl like u who care so much about ur pets. i applaud!!


    • Hey Chelsea! Yeah glad her eye recovered well. Shes the shy one, but very affectionate! Loves her treats, that explains her lil tums =p

  2. […] had an eye infection then. Her eye’s all healed and she’s all better […]

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