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Daily Outfit: 140510

I have had this vintage dress for a while now, but I rarely wear it because the linen material is kinda thick and prickly for the hot weather here. And because it is a little translucent, I have to wear a slip inside. Wearing an extra layer is kinda like the last thing I want to do in this weather! However, seeing that the weather today was slightly cloudy and not as hot, I decided to wear it out!

Daily Outfit 130510_1

The dress has got the same pattern swirls on the front and back. It’s like someone took a hugh paint brush and sloshed the colours on the dress!
Daily Outfit 130510_2

Daily Outfit 130510_3

The skirt has got pleats which give the flouncy feel~
Daily Outfit 130510_4

Daily Outfit 130510_7

Daily Outfit 130510_5

A favourite vintage ring of mine – A gold hard mesh that looks like its twisted and intertwined with an amber gem embedded in the middle of it.
Daily Outfit 130510_6

Dress: Vintage from Australia
Leather Belt: Borrowed (stolen) from my mum!
Shoes: Le Saunda from Hong Kong
Ring: Vintage from an estate auction in the States


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