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Tea and Scones

High Tea 1

It was my good friend’s birthday last week, so a few of us got together on the weekend for high tea at Shangri-La’s Rose Veranda to celebrate her last twenty-something hatch day. I’ve known these lovelies for about 19 years and adore them to bits!

I love how the chairs were slightly lower than usual, but not too low that you had to crouch over your food. Makes for great lounging chairs to lean back and chat the afternoon away (while pigging out of course!)

Rose Veranda
Stole this off their website – check out the setting!

High Tea 7

The menu offers a range of 102 premium tea blends. I had the Pai Mu Dan (Peony) with Melon tea. Loved it! The fragrance and hint of floral/melon flavours were light and refreshing, and the tea stayed hot in the individual tea pots.

High Tea 5

High Tea 6

High Tea 2

The buffet spread was a fusion of western and asian cuisine. First up, I arrowed in on the mini scones (After all, what is a high tea without scones!) It had a crumbly biscuit like texture on the outside, and was warm and moist inside. With a dollop of cream and jam. Just the way I like it. Ahhh~ If you only knew how much I love scones!

High Tea 16

High Tea 3

High Tea 4

High Tea 10
I had to have another serve of scones. Too yummy to resist! I sampled other food in the buffet spread too like sashimi, beef fillet, chicken in chutney, cherry tomatoes tossed in herbs and cheese, foccacia, sandwiches, etc.

Saved (a lot of) room for dessert. I’ve got a sweet tooth! And they had a wide variety of nicely decorated desserts to choose from, including a chocolate fountain, chocolate truffles and lemon meringue.

High Tea 11
Mango pudding that was divine

High Tea 12

High Tea 9
Diced mango in mango juice & mint

High Tea 13
I grew up eating this Peranakan nine layer rainbow cake. I used to eat it layer by layer, and I still do!

High Tea 15
Crème brûlée & green tea macaroon

High Tea 14
My friend was testing out her newly bought snazzy Canon camera, capturing only green colour. Kinda caught me off guard as I was amused at the rather tiny macaroon

High Tea 8
More tea to end off the afternoon! This is the Smoked China tea. It tastes somewhat like roasted tea leaves.
Oh! Just did my nails in a shade of Lemonade. My friend suggested that the colour should be aptly named Ronald McDonald or Banana instead. Happy fingers!


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