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Noah’s Ark

I went to visit Noah’s Ark recently and was overwhelmed by the number of animals they house there. About 800 dogs, 300 cats, a few horses, many other guinea pigs, rabbits, monkeys etc, all housed in 10 acres of lush terrain.

A lil’ insight into Noah’s Ark:
Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary ( NANAS ) is testimony to Raymund Wee’s enthusiasm and hard work, and his fight for the strays. Their aim is to provide a safe and secure home for the animal residents where they can live out their lives in happiness and eventually, die with dignity.

Many of the animals are allowed free run of the grounds, while natural settings are recreated for the others, using natural materials like bamboo stalks and wooden beams.

The entrance was filled with dogs all nestled together.
Noahs Ark Entrance

All the dogs were jumping at us with eager faces, tails wagging and hurrying to be first in line for a pat.
Noahs Ark Entrance Greeting

I couldn’t help but warm up to this fuzzy gentle giant, Mozart. He was following us all around the compound, wanting a cuddle every now and then, and just running freely with the rest of his pals.
Noahs Ark Mozart

Most of the dogs are allowed to run freely within the compound. Taking a dip in the pond to cool off, tumble and play chase on the grass, wander off to chill in the shade, or take a dump anywhere they please! Caretakers start their day early cleaning the compound, making sure there’s enough food and water in the containers which are placed all over, making sure all the animals are clean and well fed.
Noahs Ark Grassland
Noahs Ark Dogs
Noahs Ark Dugong
I’ve nicknamed this cutie on the right, Dugong. I love how he was moving so slowly and seemed well respected by the dogs around him. He’s got the cutest paws ever!

Many dogs were wandering around with us, and all yearning for a pat, a cuddle, and some attention. Many of the animals once belonged to someone. However, for various reasons, they were either abandoned, disowned or abused. (Some owners give up their pets just because they don’t want them anymore!)

Noahs Ark Dogs2
Some of the adorable dogs hanging around with us while we spent some time playing with the animals

Walked to the stables to say hello to the horses there. In the mornings, they are allowed to run freely together with the other dogs on the grass.
Noahs Ark Horses

Next, we proceeded to the cat enclosure. Compared to the dogs area, where there was non stop barking, this part of the sanctuary was so serene and peaceful. Cats milling around your feet and baking in the sun. I LOVE cats and was absolutely going nutters wanting to stroke every single cat that I saw there.
Noahs Ark Cats
Noahs Ark Cats2
Noahs Ark Cat tongue
I thought this cat was having problems breathing so I poked at it slightly and then it woke up all blur eyed and annoyed that I disrupted its cat nap!

Walked around the rest of the compound to check out the other animals. Saw a whole lot of rabbits in a lovely enclosure. It was like a mini world inside with tiny fences for them, toys and burrows and food containers. The rabbits were mostly lying on their sides with twitching noses, chilling on the sand.
Noahs Ark area

A lot of the animals just want to be near people. They miss being patted, stroked, cuddled and loved. It was rather therapeutic spending the afternoon playing with the animals, seeing them run around in the vast area and interacting with other animals and people.
Noah's Ark ground

Countless strays have been adopted by Noah’s Ark. Many found near factories or grasslands. Alot have been abused by humans, injured due to fights with other strays, or run over by vehicles. These helpless animals have a second chance in life all thanks to Noah’s Ark. They take in these animals and nurse them back to health, where they hopefully get adopted, or live their life with other rescued animals at Noah’s Ark.

The animals that end up in Noah’s Ark are sad stories which have a happy ending.

Noah’s Ark rely on donations so that they can continue putting a roof over these animals and let them lead a life with dignity. I’m sure alot of you animal lovers out there would want to visit Noah’s Ark and lend a helping hand!

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS)
Website: www.noahsarklodge.com

Noah’s Ark CARES (Companion Animal Rescue and Education Society)
Website: www.noahsarkcares.com

Noah’s Ark updates, donations, events etc
Website: www.noahsarkcares.blogspot.com

Some facts:
Noahs Ark trivia


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