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Vice… and Vanity

I do not condone smoking. It’s a real big no-no for a healthy body. But there’s something about holding a lit cigarette that exudes confidance, elegance and aloofness. Ironic much?

Ever since the era of silent films, smoking has had a major part in film symbolism. Cigarette smoke often frames characters and is frequently used to add an aura of mystique or even nihilism. Smoking in the early 1900s was perceive as sensuous, seductive, and fashionable.
Ladies with cigarettes 1
Marilyn Monroe, Anne Francis, Hedy Lemarr .

Ladies with cigarettes 2
Ladies with cigarettes 3
Two women that I find very inspiring – Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn .

Only recently has smoking come to be viewed in a decidedly negative light, with medical studies proving that it’s the leading cause of deadly diseases. Many countries are trying to curb tobacco smoking by increasing tobacco taxes and launching yearly anti-smoking campaigns.

But, it’s a free world. To each its own.

As much as I do not give the nod for smoking, I still like these still frames as they are packed with so much oomph, grunge and intensity.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda .

Lana Ava
Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood .
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward .
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron .
Julie Delpy
Julie Delpy .
Guy smokin
Kate Moss
Kate Moss .
smoking chick

“Not vintage and not a cigarette, but y’gotta admit she’s got a sense of style and certainly marches to her own drum…..”

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