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The Three Musketeers

Here’s a post about something that many people have been asking me about.

The three musketeers in the shop.

Meet the siblings – Estee, Jack and Ampang!

Here’s a little history from the time I found them till today.

It was back in September 2006, when I spotted the stray kittens while having lunch at this stall selling Ampang Yong Tau Foo . Decided to return that same night to play with them and feed them. Went back every single night for two weeks to feed them, and finally made the decision to adopt the three of them. There was just something about the trio that made me go ooohh-i-just-gotta-have-you-to-squish-and-cuddle!

Then came their names.

Stray Ampang
Ampang, for obvious reasons, because I kept referring to them as the Ampang cats and Ampang was the first stray I spotted. She was one scaredy cat. Afraid of everything, including me. She used to hiss at me when I fed her, thinking I was going to pounce on her and steal her food.

Stray Estee
When I first adopted them, they all look somewhat identical. I would differentiate them by their tails, size, and mannerism. Estee had the longest and ‘sharpest’ looking tail, hence the nick name “Sharp Tail”, or “S.T.” for short, before naming her Estee. I thought that sounded more hoity toity! She already had that scar on her back when I found her. Its her sexy bald patch!

Stray Jack
Jack was an ugly duckling. He was malnourished and had really bad conjunctivitis. So bad that the vet said if he wasn’t put on medication, he would have lost his sight. So while taking meds to plump him up and drops for his eye, he was known as One-Eye-Jack till I could think of a name for him. That name kinda stuck with him, I guess.

Trio 9Sep06_2nd day home
On their second day home, they slept for about 20 hours on the bed after I had brought them back. Even after their bath, they were still filthy with black scum stuck on their noses, ears and paws. It probably came from living on the streets and in the drain. Check out one-eyed Jack!


From left to right:
– 1st pic taken in 2006 when they were still kittens at about 6 months old
– 2nd pic taken in 2007
– 3rd pic taken in 2008
– 4th pic taken in 2009

The three of them are pretty close. They often curl up and sleep together, and take turns to lick and groom one another. Of coz there’s the occasional paw-smacking, fur-pulling, tumbling spats, and mad darting across the room chasing each other while knocking things over.

Sleeping positions
Their glamorous sleeping positions. So endearing! Check out Jack’s one-legged kung-fu stance, Estee’s sack of fats, and Ampang sleeping with one leg off the chair~

Kitties 2010
I took these pictures just last week. Look how they have grown (sideways!). Jack, the ugly duckling is all grown up!

It’s fun having them around the shop. Keeping me company and entertaining customers. A lot of people have asked me, so I’m including this bit to let you all know that the trio are really friendly, and no, they don’t bite or scratch or pounce on you (unless provoked, as would anyone). More often than not, they approach you meowing because they want a pet or a tummy rub, or just want to say hello!

Till the next update on them, cheerios!

Trio 23Jan09

*Edit: See the new update of the trio in 2011!


15 Responses

  1. […] know that I’m crazy about cats. Love the picture of the CUTE smiling cat on the cover! Thats Ampang & Estee chilling at the counter in the […]

  2. […] I have 3 ginger cats that I adopted from the streets. And I absolutely love them to […]

  3. hey lovie! YOUR CATS ARE adorable!! They have very kind eyes! I’m always looking forward to see them when i chance upon your shop 🙂

  4. hey you really have a good heart =)) your ginger cats are so pretty now =)) and they are not camera-shy at all! mine will just run away when i take out the camera =(

  5. wow they are super cute!! Will surely visit when i get to SG!

  6. […] 2011 by dulcetfig I did a little write up on the Dulcetkittehs (the shop’s resident cats!) last year. I wrote about how I found them, and how they have grown throughout the 4 years I’ve had […]

  7. I absolutely loved these cats when my friend and I were visiting from Australia last week. As the girl in the shop said, they are like a walking advertisement, as my cat, Kurtis Jackson now has one in his wardrobe! So cute.

    • Hey Stacey, thanks for dropping by the shop! =) And thank you for purchasing a GOOOD collar. The cats at the shelter definitely benefit from every collar puchased! And I’m sure Kurtis Jackson is prancing around all happy and dandy! Look forward to your visit at Dulcetfig again! Or you can always keep in touch with us here on the blog and on Facebook too! (http://www.facebook.com/Dulcetfig) xoxo

  8. “The Three Musketeers DULCETFIG” ended up being a
    marvelous posting, cannot help but wait to go through more of ur blog posts.
    Time to spend several time on-line hehe. Thank you ,Rachelle

  9. I believe this specific blog , “The Three Musketeers | DULCETFIG” kegofwisdom , extremely enjoyable not to
    mention it was a terrific read. Thanks for your time,Louise

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